Learned From Stupidity

Approximately six years ago, my husband and I thought it would be an adventure (for lack of a better word) to visit Dudleytown, CT. For those of you who are unfamiliar with west_cornwall_ct_-_02Dudleytown, it was a very old, small village that later became a “ghost town” in the 1800s, nestled in the northwestern region of Connecticut, of which, it has been labeled as haunted, and for good reason. Some even believe there’s a portal somewhere in the heart of it.

Being a Christian couple, we should have known better.  I mean, we did, but we should have never even dabbled in the idea of visiting such a place for amusement. God tells us to stay away from that kind of stuff (Eph. 5:11).  Well, here’s what happened: Continue reading “Learned From Stupidity”


God and My iPhone

IT WAS NEARING DUSK when I pulled into the parking lot of a Kohl’s Department Store with my two children.  I needed to pick something up for them (last-minute) before the night was over.  As I found a spot in the midsection of the almost-full lot, the girls and I noticed how dark it was getting, as the stars were starting to array across the sky.

When we made our way into the store, we began to shop around a bit, until about five or 10 minutes later, when I checked my purse for my iPhone to find out what time it was.  Swiping my hand across the insides and corners of my purse, then frantically, maneuvering my fingers around everything in it…it wasn’t there.  My iPhone was gone! Continue reading “God and My iPhone”

Why Keep Praying For the Healing?

You’ve seen it before (if you haven’t,stick around a little longer): a man or woman prays over a visibly, sick or disabled person.  Not much appears to happen after the first prayer, so they do it again, and again, and again, until the result of change is evident.

I’ve got to admit, it takes some serious faith and perseverance to solidify your belief that God will change a situation after the first prayer seemed ineffective.  But the truth is, we must have that faith, and the request was heard (if you believe Jesus is the Healer). Continue reading “Why Keep Praying For the Healing?”

What On Earth Did We Do In That Theater?

IN 2000, A FAMILY FRIEND and I went to the movie theater to see a film about a sinking, submarine warship. Toward the end of the movie, not mattering whether the story was fictional or not, the sinking ship began to miraculously arise! With that, loudly, my friend and I began worshiping Jesus right there within the movie theater! We were waving our arms and praising God because we knew He was capable of doing such miracles. That day, we left the theater fired up for the Lord! Two days later, my friend called me up and told me that I wouldn’t believe what she was about to tell me. She went on to say that, “we must have brought down Heaven and shaken up Hell” that day in the theater, because word was getting around that there were reports of a young man in the exact same theater room the day after, standing in the middle of the room reading the Bible upside down! (Reading the Bible upside down is a ritual that satanists perform in order for a “demonic healing”.)

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I Have Six Children In Heaven

I HAVE SIX CHILDREN IN HEAVEN: To those who know me, know that I am a pretty private person–an extrovert but also a private one. The reason why I’m sharing this life experience openly, is because I have come to acknowledge for some time now, that our testimonies aren’t meant just for us and also to understand the significance of a human life (please read until the end):

By 2007, I suffered my fifth miscarriage. Ed and I lost yet another child. It hadn’t really been a shocker to the doctors at this point. One night, in early Spring of that year, as I laid myself down to rest for the night, without a thought in mind, I was given an unforgettable dream, to say the least:  Continue reading “I Have Six Children In Heaven”

The Church Is Sick: In Need of the Healer

The ULTIMATELY WORST TIME to dibble and dabble

There once was a time (not too long ago), when the church (those professing Jesus Christ as Lord) was set apart, and set apart noticeably. There was a time when the world saw us as…DIFFERENT, and when they felt something may have been morally wrong, they’d come to the church to help lead them to deliverance and right-doing. But, within the past couple of years, the church has become a well blended mix in the throng!

In the church houses, salvation is no longer being preached; deliverance is foreign (except when it comes to financial freedom); sexual immorality has been compromised and warm-welcomed on EVERY level; they’ve ignorantly taken in pagan gods and occultic symbolisms because it’s “pretty” or “the new trend” (in this case, ignorance ISN’T bliss). Too many no longer spend private time with the Lord, nor read the Bible for themselves, but rather solely rely on watered down sermons from today’s pulpits in order to keep members. The hearts of God’s children no longer breaks for what breaks His.

Church leaders now preach that Christians and Muslims serve the same God, but like my pastor once said, “All you have to do is ask a non-believer, ‘Is Jesus God’? And if they CADC-Same-God-WP-Medium-160308answer ‘No’, then it’s clear and evident…we DON’T serve the same God’ — because JESUS IS LORD! (Romans 10:9).

Church, turn your hearts back to the ONLY God who loves you unconditionally and Who sincerely wants you (Rom. 8:31-39). All of this current deception Jesus FOREWARNED us about in scripture (read the four Gospels and Revelation). Jesus warned us that even the elect will be deceived. This is the ULTIMATELY WORST TIME to dibble and dabble! Win souls, be disciples, STAY READY! Jesus is imminently coming for His Bride at an hour we know not. ARE YOU READY, CHURCH?

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Is Hell Eternal?

There have been teachings going around stating that, “Hell is not eternal” and “A loving God wouldn’t send someone to Hell.”   To find the correct answer to the question, “Is Hell Eternal?”, we must search the scriptures for the answer.  Remember, if it contradicts the Bible, do away with it!

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