Learned From Stupidity

Approximately six years ago, my husband and I thought it would be an adventure (for lack of a better word) to visit Dudleytown, CT. For those of you who are unfamiliar with west_cornwall_ct_-_02Dudleytown, it was a very old, small village that later became a “ghost town” in the 1800s, nestled in the northwestern region of Connecticut, of which, it has been labeled as haunted, and for good reason. Some even believe there’s a portal somewhere in the heart of it.

Being a Christian couple, we should have known better.  I mean, we did, but we should have never even dabbled in the idea of visiting such a place for amusement. God tells us to stay away from that kind of stuff (Eph. 5:11).  Well, here’s what happened: Continue reading “Learned From Stupidity”