Why Keep Praying For the Healing?

You’ve seen it before (if you haven’t,stick around a little longer): a man or woman prays over a visibly, sick or disabled person.  Not much appears to happen after the first prayer, so they do it again, and again, and again, until the result of change is evident.

I’ve got to admit, it takes some serious faith and perseverance to solidify your belief that God will change a situation after the first prayer seemed ineffective.  But the truth is, we must have that faith, and the request was heard (if you believe Jesus is the Healer). Continue reading “Why Keep Praying For the Healing?”


They’re Gonna Miss Us When We’re Gone

This morning, I spoke with one of my dear friends, and she expressed to me the friction she felt within herself when her job asked her to tell them about her main hobby.  Being a good, Christian woman, she didn’t want to lie because she loved her hobby, but then again, she was nervous about the response or action she would receive in return.  As innocent as it may seem, her hobby is talking about the love of her life, “Jesus Christ”.  It’s what she loves to do, and I know the Lord loves it as well.  It’s a sad day in the world when something as minuscule as this concerns us.  Anyway, at the end of the day, my friend chose to do the right thing and share her hobby.

Continue reading “They’re Gonna Miss Us When We’re Gone”